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Tension & Compression Test (UTM) Tension & Compression Test (UTM)

OBJECTIVE: i.   To test a mild steel specimen to failure under tensile load. ii.  To draw stress-strain diagram. iii. To study the fa...

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Consolidation Test. Consolidation Test.

Significance: The consolidation properties determined from the consolidation test are used to estimate the magnitude and the rate of b...

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Direct Shear Test. Direct Shear Test.

Significance : The direct shear test is one of the oldest strength tests for soils. In this laboratory, a direct shear device will be u...

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Atterberg Limit Test Atterberg Limit Test

Significance: The Swedish soil scientist Albert Atterberg originally defined seven “limits of consistency” to classify fine-grained so...

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Marshal Methode Marshal Methode

DEVELOPMETN AND APPLICATION: The concepts of the Marshall method of designing paving mixtures were formulated by The original Marshall m...

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Impact Test of Metal Specimen Impact Test of Metal Specimen

OBJECTIVE: To find energy absorbed in fracturing mild steel and cast iron specimens under impact load.

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Flume with all Apparatus Flume with all Apparatus

Open Channel flow is generally affected by different fluid properties such as viscosity, density, surface tension etc and also the grav...

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